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Lockbox Service

Secure, accurate and wonderfully convenient.


Looking for ways to streamline your accounting and eliminate those annoying trips to the bank?  Is the closest branch "too far away?"  Lockbox is your answer... and a great comparative advantage. 

Your customers mail payments to a secure post office box.  Midwest BankCentre collects and processes the checks, automatically depositing the funds into your accounts on the same business day.


Once we post the deposit,  you can immediately view the images of the deposit ticket and all customer checks via Internet Banking.  By letting us help you process the payments, you reduce employee workloads, preserve and increase security for your deposits, and save immense amounts of time.  Plus, with us processing the deposit, you can more quickly put customer payments to work for you.


We welcome the opportunity to help you make sound decisions about which business banking products will benefit you.  Contact our business banking advisors today!

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